When it comes to buying servers, we could either go for a big brand such as HP, IBM and Dell, or choosing a fully customisable option. The big brands get the job done, but are not able to provide the same level of performance and energy efficiency based on the investment and operating cost. With Supermicro, it provides a reliable chassis and allows us to choose/use the desired hardware component that we want to put in. The advantages of using Supermicro as follows:

1) Decreased power and energy consumption 
– Supermicro servers are highly efficient, utilizing minimal power for maximum performance. It significantly lowers operating costs and energy bills.

2) Reduced carbon footprint – With Supermicro, it uses less energy for the same power and efficiency when compared traditional servers. This reduces carbon footprint.

3) High quality and performance – Supermicro servers are ideal for supercomputer clusters, enterprise databases, front-end server applications and more.

4) Highly customisable – Every part such as hard disk drives, memory, motherboards, and other hardware parts that goes into the server is carefully selected to ensure high performance and reliability.

5) Remove dependency on manufacturer’s support – The use of big brands forces buyers to depend on the support and maintenance of the hardware manufacturer. This often creates turnaround times to fix issues.

6) To our customers, this increases value for them – Being able to provide a more powerful hardware at the lowest operating cost, enables us to channel cost savings in increasing our service levels & reduced prices for you. With this, our hosting plans continue to deliver high value based on the cost of investment.